I like that people notice when I walk into a room. I’m not overly dressed or begging for attention ,my presence is felt. No matter how I try to hide it or no matter how shallow a person is they can feel my vibes. It’s funny to see people’s reactions too… Some people go silent trying to concentrate and decipher me. It’s funny.

Its the best feeling though when you meet someone just as deep and they are right at home being around you because they know inside is an ocean.

I saw my ex and his girlfriend yesterday. Just in time for Valentines day right? It’s been three years. The devil wants me to loose focus. He seems to have made a full transformation. He is happy… His eyes always give him away. I got excited seeing him. The him I wanted when we met. The him she will enjoy. I got exited because I know if God is transforming him and working in his life I can only imagine what God will do in mine! Their relationship just affirms that I am one big leap closer to whatever it is God has waiting for me.